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Remaining song lyrics...

1. I'm a doctor, I'm a lawyer, I'm a movie star.
I'm an astronaut, and I own this bar.
--I'd Lie to You For Your Love; The Bellamy Brothers. valarltd

5. Was it really voodoo
Or just weakness in the man?
The only time he ever fell
Was when she took his hand.
[Insert title here]
-- Dancy's Dreams; Restless Heart. ailise(title)/kdorian(artist)

11. How long since I spent a whole night in a twin bed with a stranger,
His warm arms all around me?
--Love Song to a Stranger; Joan Baez. lovessong/spike21

16. Let me see if I can set the scene:
It's a one-dog town, and he's old and mean.
There's one stoplight, and it's always green --
[Insert title here]
--Nobody Gets Off In This Town; Garth Brooks. kdorian/ailise

17. How long was I asleep?
When did we plan to meet?
Have you been waiting long for me?
--The Wheel; Roseanne Cash. redbrickrose

20. The most perfect of strangers,
And then the night closed in
And the holy ground
Took care of everything.
--The Loving Time; Mary Black. northofnormal

38. There's always radio,
And for a dime,
I can talk to God,
Dial a prayer.
Are you there,
Do you care?
--In the Winter; Janis Ian, covered by Sheena Easton. ailise/discord26
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