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Homegoing, I am.

Piglet, I am. Duh.

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You know, I think I use plot bunny merely because it makes me feel like part of the group, to use it. Like there's a special word for ideas that fanfiction writers have, vs. everybody else out there in the wide world. Now, I'm not expecially married to "bunny" for that word. Fluffiness isn't important to me. But the idea of *having* one, a piece of ficwriter jargon to throw around and feel communal about, doesn't strike me as terrible. "Bunny" may have ickle connotations, but I don't see why we can't have our own set of slang, for use when we talk to each other, about writing.

I don't think there's anything wrong with "idea" - but it doesn't shout "I'm a grown up with deep thoughts and creative impulses; respect me, because fanfiction is just as valid as OC fiction!" to me. It's just... an idea. Everyone has them. Non-writers have them. I suppose "Plot idea" covers the writery part, but.. It doesn't have the same connotations, to me, as some fannish variation on it. Feels dull, when I say it about my own plot ideas.

So. Er. What about rabid vampire plot weasels? (I rejected "beavers" for obvious reasons. Unless we want to reclaim the word, and strike a blow for bucktoothed mammals everywhere. Come to think of it, how about ravenous dark plot pussies of destruction?)

Or, er, plot hairballs of doom? You know, the disturbing things you find on the landing at three in the morning, after hearing the cat(s) make dubious noises under cover of darkness.
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