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[Insert meaningless subject line here]

Days until I leave for Vividcon: 3

Copies of vid compilation tape (wolfling, mogigraphia, wesleysgirl and self) dubbed: 4 + the one currently running

Incorrect color printer cartridges purchased for printer that hasn't been used in a year: 1

Purchases made with refund from returned printer cartridge: 1 gallon bottle laundry detergent, two liter bottle Pepsi, 3 pots of pseudo-Carmex and a refill kit that says it works for the correct cartridge.

Digits covered with ink from said refill kit: 10

Pages printed from printer with refilled cartridge that actually have any ink on them: 0

Likelihood of me bothering to drive out to bumfuzzle (where the nearest K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and OfficeMax are located) to buy a real cartridge in the near future: see snowball, comma, Hell

Likelihood of compilation tape cover being in black & white: see little green apples, comma, made by God; also, rain, comma, summertime, comma, Indianapolis.

How much I love that stupid, stupid song, despite it being a stupid, stupid song:
[-----------------this much -----------------]
Tags: technical issues, vidding
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