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So, I'm off to vividcon sometime...today. After I wake up, hopefully. Next time I'll be online will probably be sometime Monday or Tuesday, barring unexpected access at the con.

For people actually heading that way who might care, I'll probably stop in northwest Indiana and grab lunch with my uncle before heading up to the hotel in the early afternoon.

As for me, I have sadly rediscovered while burning a cd for driving music that I Need More Songs That I Like (And Could Theoretically Vid). Which requires that downloading and listening thing, which I'm all for in theory, but in practice I'm getting a frustrating signal-to-noise ratio on the "That I Like" part of the requirement, and a worse one on "Could Possibly Vid To This."

I'm sure I'll get all sorts of general ideas for music (especially artists I'm not aware of, which is... most of them) at the con, though.

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