I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Phone Post: I have actually made it to the Vividcon hotel

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“So. I have actually made it to the Vividcon hotel (which I'm sure several people who were wondering where the hell I am will be happy to hear) after several hours of forcing my uncle to watch vids - not actually at gunpoint- several hours of gridlock on the highway, and at least 45 minutes of driving-right-past-where-I-need-to-be, because the words do not exist in my native language to describe how much I _hate_ I 90 and it's lack of visible signage for surface streets. But I'm here.

This room... is vaguely awesome. It has two beds _and_ a sleeper sofa. And two televisions, both of which appear to have Playstations or Nintendos attached to them (I haven't actually looked to see what they are) and a VCR. And possibly I shall try out every available sleeping apparatus in the room!

Or there might be food. You just don't know.

For anyone who's here and would like to stalk me or plant bombs or something, I'm in room 503. All alone, because my roommate won't be in until tomorrow (as far as I'm aware).

And now I'm going to do... _something_. You just don't know.

Further bulletins as events warrant!”

Transcribed by: drax
Tags: cons: vividcon, phoneposts
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