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I am not home; I've just finally got a chance to use the hotel's business center with the free (but slooooow) internet access. Which in't entirely true -- the connection is fast; the computer itself is slow.

Ironically, it's not until I'm about to check out (in about half an hour) that I managed to make/find time to check e-mail; this despite the fact that my con roomie jkb brought her own pc on Friday night, and was kind enough to offer to share. The timing just never worked out right.

Nonetheless, I am still in Chicago, and my internet connection is pastede on yay. And now I go, to have my wee lunch (frozen pizza that I bought on Thursday and never got round to taking out of the freezer) so I don't have to toss it instead of eating it, and then I check out and head back home. Via northwest Indiana, if you're reading, maeyan, so I'll probably stop off and have dinner with Ron, and attempt not to allow him to send me away with any more Random Crap Stuff Bought At Estate AuctionsTM than he already has. There's only so much room in the back of the rental.

Should be home and probably online tonight, at some point.
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