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Pending vids meme

Which morally, I believe I'm forbidden to do until I write up a con report. And yet, I don't care. Because one is a hell of a lot easier than the other. (Reading other people's lists, though, is an exercise in minefield dancing, since I'm terrified of stumbling over something that I have in mind, on someone's "already in progress" list. I'm paranoid and guiltridden in general enough that even seeing something we were just both considering would make me likely to back off from it.)

Actually Started And Sitting On My Hard Drive:

The Change - Garth Brooks - Xander and Dawn. Xander, really, but framed by their scene in Potential.

Straight Tequila Night - John Anderson. Xander is a sympathetic bartender. Buffy/Riley. No, I really don't understand myself either.

Holding Her and Loving You - Clay Walker - Um. This would be one of those that I apologize for even contemplating, let alone actually having opening scenes for. Spike/Xander (and Anya), madly AU. Sort of a fanfic in vid form. And I'm not even sure if the song supports a happy ending, which would be the point of trying to do it.

The country stuff is over; you can open your eyes now.

Night Vision - Suzanne Vega - Buffy, post-resurrection, and Spike as an inadequate guide to being not-quite-alive. It has a whole three clips laid down, I think, and is currently more "Haven't deleted it yet" than pending, after noting at VividCon that the song has been vidded already, albeit in a fandom I know nothing about.

Ats_nolimits credits - Also um. Yes. Soon as I get my S5 source again, since (after having about 18 of 22 eps downloaded) I lost everything except my already-laid clips when my new external HD crapped out. FWIW, it's about 2/3 finished.

Eye In the Sky - Alan Parsons Project. Doctor Who, specifically The Greatest Show In the Galaxy. My one and only tape-to-tape vid, made in 1995 (captured from VHS sometime this year after I finally hunted it down in the basement), and in practice, it's hideous -- this was made when I had never actually seen a songvid. In theory, though, it's not that awful of an idea. Though if I track down the dvd (assuming the ep is out on dvd), the digital version would have stuff like...a pov. And possibly a plot, to whit: of all the creepy mindbending shit in the episode including the overhead Spy-Kites that made me put the song together with the episode in the first place, it's the Seventh Doctor who's really the one who can read your mind, dark themes, burnt toast, bus stations, yadda yadda rain of blood and toads.

In My Hayd: (Some of these are things I actually plan to do or at least play with, some are things that I would like to work but probably wouldn't, some are pie in the sky.)

In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins. Robin Wood POV. Half nekkid men fighting in cross-filled rooms. Nodnod. Top of the list of Things I'm Actually Serious About Vidding, even over the stuff that I've actually started.

Prayer to Santa Lucia - Talis Kimberly. Drusilla/Angelus, centered around BtVS early Season 2 and his incipient return. Second on The List (actually possibly first, but demoted because of The Snag), but the snag here is that the artist is a filksinger/songwriter who is, at some level, a part of fandom, though possibly not much into online fandom. Thus I have a really strong feeling that I shouldn't vid to it without asking permission, which I'm too chickenshit to do.

Flower - Liz Phair. Heh. Not telling.

The Wind Blew All Around Me - Mary Lou Lord. Anya and the life she might have had with Xander.

Something from Chess, goddammit. Vaguely attracted to the idea of Wes and Lilah, end of Ats S3, and early S4, to One Night in Bangkok. Though a song that wasn't actually a top 40 hit might be better - "Where I Want To Be" for Angel at W&H might work as well.

Archetype Cafe - Talis Kimberly. The women of the Jossverse aren't bad, they're just drawn that way. See above re The Snag.

William and Davy - Kate Rusby. Snerky Angelus/William and/or Angel/Spike. I'd be strongly tempted to do it for ats_endofdays since my assignment is Destiny, except the second half would have to come from TGIQ, which sort of negates the "episode-centric" point of the endofdays project.

I Got It From Agnes - Tom Lehrer. The CDC tries to trace a bad case of mono through the Buffyverse, but it's a complicated job. The challenge here is actually connecting up the right people/relationships in a neat little row. It's like one of those brainbender puzzles we used to do in middle school. Used to be pretty high on my priority list until I noticed 'any Tom Lehrer ever' on someone's (don't remember who) list of Vidded Out Artists/Songs.

Please Do Something Stupid - Carla Ulbrich. Buffy and Riley, S4. "The perfect man's not in my plans - I've got too much to do - so won't you please do something stupid, so I can get over you?"

Ordinary Town - Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. This is Xander, but it's not, exactly, and besides even if it were, it would be Little Pink Houses with a different audio track, and there's already a Little Pink Houses With houses. That are little. And pink. But I want it, she whined. "Go home, go home, the mayor cried, when Jesus came to city hall, cause this is an ordinary town..."

That Song With The Thing And The Guy And The Other Guy. Hee. Is sekrit. And wee. So wee, I sometimes think the pixies gave it to me.

I lied about the country stuff being over.

You Know Me Better Than That - George Strait. A comedy/AU slash vid - would fill the same thematic hole in my head as Holding Her... (despite that one not really being comedic) if I did it to S/X, so it's likely only one or the other, if any, would actually get made.

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