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Where are we going and what are we doing in this mostly-abandoned RPG?

What she said.

Also, a brief conversation with virtual_asshat:

mpoetess Hey Asshat, did you know it was the anniversary of Handbasket RPG yesterday?

virtual_asshat I dare you accuse me of the rpg is set up and asks, hey, what about this at all.

mpoetess Hey, I'm not accusing you of anything; I forgot about it too.

virtual_asshat School, growing up, and then accusing me of the m/s interactions and looking at critical examinations of their fanbase is choosing to fantasize about, and so forth.

mpoetess So you're saying you drifted into X-Files fandom and what with that and school, you forgot all about Handbasket?

virtual_asshat Fandom is a very, very real? Just with slash fic? With the x-files).

mpoetess Oh, you like X-Files slash? I seem to remember your feelings on slash used to be a bit...mixed.

virtual_asshat I dislike the fact that it's a perfectly swell couple to squee over ...

mpoetess You dislike the fact that people squee over Mulder/Scully? I get that you like slash now, but there's room in fandom for all pairings, you know.

virtual_asshat You dislike the fact that there's at least of average intelligence.

mpoetess No, I *like* when I meet fans of at least average intelligence.

virtual_asshat You dislike the fact that it's impossible to find fans who didn't write just s/b writer, once i started reading buffy slash writers are either bisexual or lesbian perspective rules out what i wanted to cry & laugh all at the mouth people who write slash, therefore we're cool", but i ignore those because i've been writing slash for a sexual relationship.

mpoetess Buffy slash writers are all either bisexual or lesbian? Really? COOL!

virtual_asshat If slash writers and a lesbian.

mpoetess ...walk into a bar...

virtual_asshat Maybe a person and walk away, because as active readers, we participate in the bar, and the boyband slashers are going to a practice merely because its proponents are so damn many of which you would dislike reading your characters if everyone understands they're fictional.

mpoetess so you still don't like real person slash, huh?

virtual_asshat I still don't like real person slash, huh.

mpoetess Gotcha. Well, do you miss the old Handbasket days?

virtual_asshat Gotcha. Well, do you miss a few het writers turn every female character might like each other about this, slinging mud and leaving it a bit, and one of me, and i am called a prude for saying so.

mpoetess Um. Was that a no?

virtual_asshat Yes, but that pairing has a mullet? Well, okay, yes.

mpoetess Hee! You miss kingandqueen and his former mullet, huh?

virtual_asshat So tell me that you are replying to; also, i think they're having on the other side to "those bitchy girls were to show up and takes place and how they either retreat when you miss a few brave gay men trivialized in the sense of "ooh, girls are pretty, hee hee!" but in the quantity of fic produced.) and the slash glasses, as you can slice it up perfectly.

mpoetess I do miss a few brave gay men. Angel has been cancelled!

virtual_asshat Although the position is that those who accept character fanfic could be gay in the case of angel, but i think there has been cancelled!

mpoetess Oh, thank you Jesus! Asshat believes Angel could be gay! We can all die happy!

virtual_asshat I already did this to women, it translated into things like 'the angel of the person who made this comparison is validated with tales of "just how mean the bitchy girls who made the case, why are you an asshat.

mpoetess You're an asshat because I made you an asshat, unfortunately.

virtual_asshat Seems to me because of this being an asshat, unfortunately.

mpoetess Yes, but you like slash now - that's something!

virtual_asshat I dislike the fact that slash seems to gotten no response.

mpoetess Oh, no feedback. Yeah, that can suck. What pairing are you writing?

virtual_asshat If the producers are deliberately putting homosexual subtext into every conceivable male pairing on the writing on the story to make them more status/feedback.

mpoetess So you write all m/m X-Files slash pairings? *big eyes* Langley/Frohike? For me? Please?

virtual_asshat The worst part is more than one where the "facts" are so evident that to some extent a justifying context, it exists on its largest level -- writing fiction about me because of two hot guys together in order to be "spuffy forever" fans are jumping ship for slash pairings.

mpoetess Wow - are a lot of Spuffy fans reading X-Files slash now?

virtual_asshat Fans write it, and most of the fans to write slash? Or should they not be turned on by vaginas and breasts.

mpoetess Well, probably not if it's *labeled* as m/m slash. But otherwise, those are good things. We like boobies.

virtual_asshat You dislike the fact that people in the mail or asking them to be labeled nc-17 , which makes my theory of evolution in a slash writer uses these characters, they're breaking canon and makes it damn believable.

mpoetess Um. We like boobies.

virtual_asshat You dislike the fact that i couldn't because the books *work* on that level, whether he intended them to be somewhat like the suggestion about handling people who are good things. We like boobies.

mpoetess Yes. Handling boobies is also good.

virtual_asshat I also like spuffy, but i'm also attracted to m/m slash. But otherwise, those are good things. We like boobies.

mpoetess Well, we'll forgive you the Spuffy, since you're writing the slash. And like the boobies.

virtual_asshat I'm in the vast majority of slash that it was going to like the boobies.

mpoetess Yay boobies!

virtual_asshat Our whole lives shouldn't have to say exactly where it seems like the boobies.

mpoetess No. I agree. Boobies should be spontaneous. Spontaneous boobies!

virtual_asshat The older you get, the more you like the boobies.

mpoetess Amen, sistah.

virtual_asshat Well said, sistah.


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