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It just occurred to me that I never made an actual public post about this, sans gory details. I managed to tumble headfirst down the basement stairs on Tuesday, trashing my glasses, smashing up the left side of my face in an unattractive manner (despite the compliments I've received regarding my 'eyeshadow'...*g*), and wrenching my left arm all out of whack.

All of which (except for the glasses, which are sadly non-self-renewing, but luckily I have an extra pair) are improving, but it's meaning less online time this week and less Stuff getting accomplished while I am online.

#1 fannish priority is getting ats_nolimits ep. 2 finished somewhere reasonably close to its deadline. #2 is my contribution for ats_endofdays. That one... might be a little late.

Also, James, got your pretty postcard and forgot to say so, though it has been on my desk at work since I think last Friday. Thus indeed, you are gooderer than me.
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