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maeyan (from downstairs): Amy? Sorry to bother you, but can you describe John Edwards for me?

moi: [...] Not really...

maeyan: It's just that I'm watching this Kerry/Edwards rally and there's this grinning idiot at the podium and a guy who looks like a game show host standing behind him and I'm terrified that I'm going to be voting for these men come fall.

moi: [...] Kerry... looks like Herman Munster.

maeyan: Ah, that would be the grinning idiot.

moi: He has a big old lantern jaw.

maeyan: That's him.

moi: Edwards is younger and shorter and blonder.

maeyan: Yup. The game show host.

moi: [...]

maeyan: It's like when you're little and you don't have enough Barbies so you have to borrow some of your brother's battle figures, so you have GI Joe playing with Ken.

moi: [...]

maeyan: Going to the ball.

moi: Remind me to direct you to the johnxjohn community.

maeyan: Oh please, no! It's bad enough seeing them together. I don't want to imagine them breeding.

moi: Hey, you're the one who sent them to the ball.

maeyan: That was Ken and He-Man, thank you very much. And they're very happy together. They live right next door to My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake's cat.

moi: You would vote for your plastic Wolverine if he ran for President, wouldn't you.

maeyan: The plastic one or the resin one? The plastic one has movable joints.
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