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An Open Letter To Stuff

Dear My Neck: Please to be re-aligning? Please? Will give you heating pad if you at least promise to fix pulled muscle that makes even attempting to align you hurt like a mofo.

Dear My Heating Pad: Please to be being where I think I put you last, because I am tired and do not want to tear up the house looking for you.

Dear My Bed: Please to be not catching on fire from heating pad if I happen to fall asleep before turning it off, k?

Dear My Orange Mew Kitty: Please to be staying just the way you are. Bestest under-desk toe warmer ever. Wish you could come to work with me. love, Mommy.

Dear My Brain: Please to be coming home! All is forgiven! Shall kill fatted calf (or at least buy lactose-free ice cream) and everything!


2004-09-11 06:10 am (UTC) (Link)

**shrieks in delight at Orange Mew Kitty**

**is shamefaced when faced with fact that I'm probably adding to pain**

**slinks away, but not before leaving some of that fairly-useless-to-actual-healing-but-feels-damn-good Icy Hot stuff**


2004-09-11 09:34 am (UTC) (Link)

Great, you scared him away! *g* But no, no real headache, at least not at the level where light and sound are a problem.

Ooh, IcyHot. I have some of that; I should think deeply about trying it. I just hate that it gets all over my fingers, then I forget same and suck on one of them and ewwwwww.