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An Open Letter To Stuff

Dear My Neck: Please to be re-aligning? Please? Will give you heating pad if you at least promise to fix pulled muscle that makes even attempting to align you hurt like a mofo.

Dear My Heating Pad: Please to be being where I think I put you last, because I am tired and do not want to tear up the house looking for you.

Dear My Bed: Please to be not catching on fire from heating pad if I happen to fall asleep before turning it off, k?

Dear My Orange Mew Kitty: Please to be staying just the way you are. Bestest under-desk toe warmer ever. Wish you could come to work with me. love, Mommy.

Dear My Brain: Please to be coming home! All is forgiven! Shall kill fatted calf (or at least buy lactose-free ice cream) and everything!


2004-09-11 10:49 am (UTC) (Link)

I get nervous with heating pads ever since I had one short out and scorch my bed so the sock thing is awesome. Also, I am poor and have socks and rice. :) Got the idea from these fancy versions at an art gallery that were shaped like cats and otters and things that were big enough to wrap around your neck. Those also had lavendar added to them and would get very fragrant when warmed. Anyway, glad you're feeling better!