I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

omg [self-induced] stress

In other nonsurprising news, crackass new posting interface doesn't fit in the window in Netscape either. Or IE.

(And when I say doesn't fit in the window, I don't mean that the whole *page* is wider than my screen; I can deal with that. No, the text-input box for typing is, by itself, wider than my screen. [screenshot]. And the first person who tells me my problems will be solved if I switch to the XColibur layout (the new default LJ layout, what you see on comments pages if you're not logged in) gets to die slowly of carpal tunnel syndrome from those sodding 90-degree-angles you have to make when hovering your mouse to get the menu options to popup.)
Tags: livejournal
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