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Mixed Blessings

It's stormy. Which is good. (See icon.)

I'm mildly depressed, which is bad. (See icon.)

I'm not at work, which is good.

I'm not at work because I have a headache so persistent and pre-migrainish that a) I've been fighting it unsuccessfully all weekend, and b) it's making me nauseated. Which is bad.

I suspect the only thing that's going to make me, in the longish run, not mildly depressed, is writing some S/X fic (that doesn't suck). Which is good insofar as I'm at least aware of it.

I don't have an S/X fic that doesn't suck to write; the WIPs still have the same problems that made them WIPs in the first place, the ones I never even started still have the same issues that made me never start them in the first place, and I can pull off spontaneously-generated fic about 2 days out 365. This is not one of those days. And I'm still generally gunshy of writing, trying to avoid it and then not knowing if I'm really enjoying it or not even when it's happening. Which is bad.

Also I'm supposed to be working on my ats_endofdays project anyway. (Which is so not going to be fic.)

I'm going back to bed now. Which is soft and cool, even if it does end up hurting my neck eventually, thus continuing today's theme.
Tags: emotional issues, photos, puppets, state of the me, writing
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