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In which Googleism* never fails to crack my shit up.

Poems devoted to me! the other Mad Poetess who is very much not me.


Once she is dead I grab the donkey,
and ride it through the night."

Futhermucker stole my donkey!1 How can I throw spontaneous multiple donkey parties now?

I want a new donkey. :(

we will rule this world and make it the second hell
i love my poetess even though i dont know her that well

Awww! Am loved! Plus I think he knows me better than he lets on -- he's even got the sodomizing whores in there. Then again, apparently I co-wrote it, so it's not like there was any chance of leaving out The Buttsextm. Also, I make men shriek, and bitches cry out. Booyah! You know it, bitches.

Psst - we're going to destroy the world. Want to come?


ETA: You can only come if you bring me a donkey.

EATA: If you bring me two donkeys, you can even come first!


*Googleism: the act of typing "[your name here] is" into Google and snerking yourself sick over the results.

1 Yeah, yeah, he killed me, too. But. Donkey!!!

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