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The Amish, Violetsmiles, and I...
...don't have to set our clocks back today. But if you live anyplace in the continental US that ain't central Indiana or Arizona, you do. Nyah.


2004-10-31 01:55 am (UTC) (Link)

By the way, completely random and OT question: when you're writing, and you're writing a bit of dialogue where words are intentionally mumbled or said behind a hand, do you actually try it out to get the sounds right?

For example, in DP's Date Night 2: Angel...

"Mephh...iff ffuffuh fuuferfiiffa."

"What did he say?" Greg asked, not hiding his amusement at the sight of Wesley restraining a vampire who, while they might be of similar height, weighed at least seventy pounds more than him, not to mention, well, being a vampire.

"He said it's just a superstition. Angel, there are those who think vampires are just a superstition. That doesn't make them any less..."


"Dorky was the word I was looking for. but dangerous will do. Now, what are you going to say when I remove my hand from your mouth?"

"Faaphoo, ee ee oo gerff groorfe?"

"Very good." Wesley slid his hand away from Angel's lips.

"Thank you," Angel said to Michael and Greg. "We need to get going."

Because the mumbling behind Wesley's hand is incredibly accurate. *grin*


2004-11-01 07:57 am (UTC) (Link)

Hee! That time, it was definitely intentional, though I don't remember if I really covered my mouth to check, or just guessed at what it would sound like. Sometimes it's just random silly sounds that don't remotely resemble what the person's supposed to be saying, though. (Especially with Xander and Spike -- after all, they sort of have husband-pathy. They know what the other one would be saying if there wasn't a hand over his mouth, without having to actually listen to the muffled sounds.)