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Happy Stuff and Stuff

Happy Halloween/Samhain, y'all. I have a seasonally-appropriate icon care of sarabi, who sent it as an e-card from HouseMouse to maeyan and me. I also have Apple Crisp scented (Which = cinnamon scented; why do apple-cinnamon candles bother with the apple part? They all smell like cinnamon) tea-lites in the pretty candleholder that was most likely given to us by kjwagner, because most things candle-related come from Kelly. There are minty-scented votives that I haven't lit yet, as well. Bargains all: 25 of the tealites for $4.99, and 6 votives for the same price, at CVS. (My local shop, not the online store.) CVS are my friend. Plus they give me my drugs.

Also, Happy Birthday to Orange Mew Kitty who was, as I typed this, exactly where he is in this picture: under my desk, being Best Footwarmer Ever.

Happy ats_endofdays deadline; my contribution is two wallpapers in varying sizes, and a full moodtheme. The 132-icon kind. Yes, my brain is broken, thank you. Note blatant cheating used to make sure there was at least one Wes icon representing Destiny, the only Angel ep that does not actually have Wes in it -- ETA: once he joined the cast, smartass! :-P

Two days until votage. And being a state employee, I get election day off. So I can hike my arse down to the polls on Tuesday, which in my case are just at the end of the street, vote, count the number of people around me in black hoodies that have nothing to do with Eminem's Mosh video because it's just what people wear in my neighborhood, then go back to sleep. Huzzah!

Three days until I have to teach Class From Hell again, but the plus side of that (aside from the fact that there are only 4 people signed up for it, which usually makes for less hellishness, though there's always the chance of walk-ins) is that Wednesday is also Holy Day of Virtual Obligation. ats_nolimits episode 5 is due out that evening, so I have something to look forward to.

Aside from a Kerry win, plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz, Powers That Be...

And now I am for a shower, after which I will light some minty-fresh candles and serve some Halloween candy and a wee bit of Elf Vodka to myself the Powers That Be and myself, for Samhain.

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