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Voted at around 9:45 today. I headed out at 9-ish, but since my polling place is a school, and a bus was just letting out its load, I headed over to the shops and bought some non-perishable groceries, then came back and voted.

No line; there was only one person ahead of me when I got there and by the time I'd been handed my ballot, the booth was empty. And by booth I mean "little blue table on stilts with a dungeonmaster's shield wee cardboard wall around it so no one can see which answers you're filling out on your scantron sheet, until you carry it over to the little machine that sucks it in, at which point everyone you walk past can see the line of black ovals down the middle."

No challengers, and only one polite, well-dressed campaigner outside on the school steps (campaigning for our district's Democratic representative), but they did ask for ID when checking my name/address before handing me a ballot. Didn't specify photo ID.

Didn't get a sticker. :(

maeyan says there was no line when she voted at 11:15-ish either. maeyan would also like to make it known that she really really really really really really really really hates the scantron voting machines, and wants the paper punch-ballot machines back.
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