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Updated Buffyverse Spankfic Index

Additional links more than welcome. [Ficlets set in a bigger universe, or chapters of longer stories that can be read fairly easily without having read the rest of the 48-part series, are fine, in addition to standalone stories, or your basic incomplete LJ wibblings. Nor do I care if you link your own stuff, or if it's het or slash, or if it's brilliant literature. As long as it's Buffyverse (AU is ok too), in reasonably good English, has spanking of some sort in the spotlight, and you think it's hot, we're good. I'm not compiling a recs page, just a kinky story roundup.]

= added since the last update

M/M Slash:


Xander's Birthday - byrne
Colors Not Found In Nature - cicirossi
A New Experience - darkhavens
Falling Over the Edge - flaming_muse
Spank - jameschick
Face the Front - janedavitt
Hand to Hand - janedavitt
Preying on My Mind, Ch. 6 - janedavitt - (fairly standalone chapter)
Housewarming Gifts - ladycat777
What's In A Man - ladycat777 - daddy!kink
untitled spanking ficlet, aka MP's birthday present - ladycat777 and othercat
Dread of Morning - ladycat777 and wesleysgirl
Just Desserts - mpoetess - (Chocolatey Goodness chapter)
What For mpoetess - (the following, non-fluffy CG chapter)
Snippet, with feathers - mpoetess
A Part of This Complete Breakfast - mpoetess and zortified
The Honeymooners - mpoetess and zortified - (Domestic Piranhas universe - long story; the spanky bit is fairly early on.)
Intermezzo - othercat (interlude in Intervention -- OC, your link is broken; is there a new one?)
Spike Spanks - Raven


Interlude in a Mineshaft - mpoetess - (Angelus/William - a flashback from out the pages of CG, but aside from the mention of chocolate, it's a standalone.)
Giving Him The Moon - peasant_ - (Angelus/William, and much much more complex than spanking smut, but it's still on my mental overload list)
Ch.7 of Hard Time - wherethewind__ - Spike/Angel nonsupernatural prisonbitch!AU.)


Job Satisfaction - janedavitt


Odd Request - maybedarkpink


The Aesthetic Gentleman - glossing


Blank Verse - janedavitt - (Behind Closed Doors)
Crossing Lines - janedavitt - (Behind Closed Doors)
On the Stroke of... - janedavitt - (Behind Closed Doors)
Well Deserved - janedavitt - (Behind Closed Doors)
A Thursday Afternoon - vampirefever


Piece By Piece - entrenous88
Paying the Price - janedavitt
Homesick - Jessica Harris - (Definitely one of the much-more-than-smut stories - this is painfully good character stuff)
A Gauntlet With a Gift In It - mpoetess and zortified - (Giles/Xander interlude in main Spike/Xander pairing, Domestic Piranhas universe)


Look At It This Way - janedavitt
Fading the Bruises - janedavitt
Good Boy - kindkit
untitled Giles/Wes - thete1 - (Dark and WrongTM, and preceded by an equally-twisted bit here)


The Final Blow - janedavitt
One To Grow On - janedavitt


Oxford Story: Payback - eloise_bright
Tutelage - wyoluvr

Unspecified Male/Spike

Buffet - mpoetess and zortified

F/F slash:


Links/recs, O People?



Library Spanking - flurblewig
A Lesson - gwynnega -
Collateral Damage - janedavitt
Switching Sides - janedavitt - (Dark Willow/Giles)
Flimsy Excuse - lovesbitca
Desirable - maybedarkpink
A Firm Hand - soundingsea
untitled ficlet - vanillacokehead


Mister Talky Mouth - lordshiva


Favour Returned - janedavitt


Secretary - janedavitt, allegrasade, darling_effect, lovesbitca - (Non-supernatural AU, patterned on the film. Long fic, but given the film it's based on, the reader may feel free to make certain assumptions about the kink content.)

Het and Slash:

Funny Once - janedavitt - (Giles/Buffy/Willow/Xander and Angel/Snyder)
Having Faith - janedavitt - (Faith/Giles/Wesley)

Willow's Games - Kessily - (Willow/Oz, Willow/Tara)

The Erotic Adventures of Willow and Spike (Willow/Spike, Buffy/Angelus, Spike/Dru, Xander/Cordy, various combinations of the above including f/f and m/m slash) and Sin Wagon (Buffy/Spike/Angel) are both long, smutty AU series by ladyoneill, heavy on the BDSM including spanking. They're located at Moon Madness in the adult section; I'd link directly to relevent chapters/stories, but Laure prefers that folks not do so.
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