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The world's most fixable annoyance: my used Season 1 QAFUS DVDs? Are Season 2 DVDs in the Season 1 box. It's the type of shop where the boxes on the shelf are empty, and when you buy them, they pull the dvds or cds out of a filing system behind the counter, and put them in the box, to prevent theft. They put the wrong discs in the box, and will undoubtedly replace them with the correct ones when we stop in tomorrow. Still. I wanted to watch it tonight, dagnabbit. (And I'm not going to watch S2 without having seen S1. Spoiler whore that I am, and actually I'm fairly spoiled for QAF already, I draw the line at watching an entire season, then going backwards, unless the pickings are so slim that there's no choice but to watch whatever you can get your hands on. As was the case with BtVS before the DVDs came out, but is not the case here.)

I'm going to go pout now. This is it. Pouting commencing....soonish....soonish....now.
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