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Mystery Meme Theatre 3000

a. Choose 15 people from your friends list based on a careful ratio of deep fannish grievances, petty annoyances, and people you could care less about but might as well suck up to in order to make you not seem like a complete bitch when the readers tally up positive vs. negative comments at random.
b. Write something designed to intrigue and tantalize your readers and stir up as much angst in your social circle as possible, because if you actually cared to tell the actual people what you actually thought of them, you'd actually e-mail them privately about/to each of them.
c. Don't tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how they display their extreme lack of self-esteem in the comments by assuming all the bad ones are about them! beg!
d. But please do try to guess. That's what makes this passive-aggressive! fun!

{No, I don't feel this way about anyone on my friendslist -- I'm just amused by the kind of fannish social science that generates these memes.}
Tags: fandom-bitching/snark, memes
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