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Am old.

thebratqueen: [realizes she's been in fandom for ten years] (Happy Fanniversary!)

mpoetess: [counts on fingers]

mpoetess: Hey! That'd be my senior year of college, when our lovely little backwater first gave internet access to people besides the faculty and lab assistants.

(Ok, technically they did it in spring of my junior year. When I was in England, at the campus that had no internet access whatsoever. But the 12 DOS-based computers in the computer lab were networked, and we could send one-line messages to the person across the room from us while we wrote our term papers in Wordperfect 5.1. Cutting-edge, baby.)

mpoetess: [Goes to Google Groups]

alt.callahans, November 8th, 1994. The first recorded appearance of Mad Poetess on usenet (Still going by Avonlady within the e-mail body, but the username was already MP). I know this wasn't my first post to the group, as there was an introduction post -- looks like google groups missed a few, or the archive is incomplete, or something -- but it couldn't have been more than a few days later.

That's not the excuse-me-while-I-fall-down-spluttering part, though. This is. Check the message directly above mine in the thread-index frame at the left.

Posted approximately 5 and a half years before said individual and I ever spoke (wrote) directly to each other.
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