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Recs Meme, aka WesleysGirl Enables My OCD

I don't really have OCD. But mentioning that someone could *index* something? asfghjk! There's a reason I went to library school; if I did have an obsessive compulsion, that would be it. Good thing I love her.

nashmaveric started it here, with: I'll rec three writers, pointing out two of their stories that I love. These three writers will copy/paste the list to their journal and add three more. Kinda like a pay-it-forward thing. Recs cannot be repeated so each new person must read the list and make sure they don't rec a writer that's on it. (Most of the early recs are Spike/Xander, but I don't think it's a stated rule, just a reflection of the viral transmission pattern. )

That depends on the recced writers knowing that they've been recced, of course, and on people seeing (and thus not duplicating) not only the recs up-thread from them, but the ones on different branches from them. In other words, due to (despite rumors to the contrary) everybody in Jossverse fandom not knowing everybody else in Jossverse fandom, and recs on different branches that are happening at the same time, there's going to be duplicates. There's already duplicates.

But maybe this can help at least a little, at least for as long as I manage to keep it updated? Here is the recs meme in tree form, so you can see just who recced what.

The recs are numbered in ordered-list form, which means lots of 1s and 2s and 3s instead of a consecutive numbering system as some people have been doing, but I think for this format, the indexed-numbers make it easier to keep track of whose rec is whose. ETA: Now with direct fic-links, where the reccer provided them.

Note: And that's it for me, folks. I've spent 4.5 hours updating just today (12/3), after about three days of not catching up, and... I'm done. I can't keep up with it, especially since it's mutated from 3 to 6 recs on some threads. So if anyone wants to take it over, feel free to snatch my code and go for it. Just drop me a line here and let me know so I can point people to wherever you're keeping the list.


The Big List,

now on its own page.


MP's recs, also in the main tree for threading purposes:

janedavitt is probably most famous in S/X-land for Predatory Acts and its sequel, Preying On My Mind --- and justifibly so -- but my favorites of her Spike/Xander stories are these two linked short fics: Bringing It Home and Hand to Hand. Because they don't just hit my kinks -- they hit the why of them, touch things are lodged almost too close to my spinal cord for me to have words for them.

iyalode: This is my "Hey you kids, get off my lawn!" rec. I will beat you with my cane if you have not read Kaz' Viking Series and do not immediately hie thee hence to do so. And it will not be the fun spanky kind of caning; it will be on your head. Xander really is a Viking in the sack, Spike finds out -- and, so they both discover, out of it. Hil-fucking-larious, in both narrative and dialogue, and boobytrapped with painfully touching moments just when you thought you were safe. In contrast, Water Rituals is a dark, almost hallucinatory turning story. It's just on the edge of too dark for a deathfic-shy gal like me, but there's something I can't quite put my finger on that keeps 'dark' from being 'grim' here.

minim_calibre has written Angelus/TheBeast songfic. I really think that's enough of a rec for you to go read everything she's ever put in pixels, but since I've been going with the S/X theme: The Benefits Series manages to make Spike and Xander's Season 7 living situation -- complete with soul-guilt, Anya-guilt, and the messy joys of bachelor living -- funny and hot. Of Incubi and Inversion takes the same surface situation, and squeezes it until every available drop of pain, mutual discomfort, and dirtybadwrongness has been wrung out into the carpet that Xander doesn't remotely manage to sweep this encounter under.

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