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Okay, it's official:

My PC has lost its mind. Every piece of software I open causes an error, and usually one that prevents it from running. I can dialup to the net, but can't use any internet software because winsock, among other files, is either missing or corrupted.


I'm downstairs on Jen's PC, trying not to think of bills I need to pay and whether I'll have any money left over to go halvsies with her on a new PC (for her, not me -- as her Xmas pressie) -- while upstairs, my PC is painstakingly backing up all the files we need to save, onto CD, so I can restore the hard drive to factory-shipped condition.


I'll still have to reinstall mirc, photoshop, the scanner, the printer, winamp, possibly MSoffice. Probably MSoffice. And redo all my settings the way I like them. And hope I can still find the software for some of that stuff.

So, if I seem a bit distracted if you meet me somewhere in cyberspace today, that's why.

In other news, er... I'm sure there's some other news. Oh yeah. I managed to get CG going again, which in English means I'm halfway through rewriting the 9 pages I already have, to make them go in the direction that I think makes sense.

2 pages is half of nine, right?

See, this is why I was an English major.


2002-01-06 02:59 pm (UTC) (Link)

arghhh *sympathy* - computer hypocondria is *no* fun, and time consuming, and frstrating, and a little scary, and definaltyl bank-balance paranoia inducing. *good luck* and yeah - two pages is near enough halfway, at least if you're using Academic Fractions (I too have writen diertations ...)


2002-01-07 09:59 am (UTC) (Link)

did you try scanning for viruses?
if you can still get online,
is a free online virus-scan progran-it scans your computer while it's online(you can remain working or browsing the net during the scan). the page usually loads even when others won't.

other than that, i can only suggest looking in the 24-hour help newsgroup (it's usually the 1st one on the long list of groups) and seeing if anyone can help.

good luck- *comfort*
i've been through it, too, and starting with a blank hard drive isn't any fun.
but hey- here's that pic you like 8)


2002-01-07 11:09 am (UTC) (Link)

Too late, I'm afraid -- the hard drigve's already blank. It appears to be either a fault with the windows installation, or something actually wrong with the hard drive (*please* let it be the windows installation...). Because we've wiped the hard drive twice (3X? My roomie was up messing with it while I was blissfully writing pre-smut with Wolfling and pretending I couldn't hear her muttering) and still get errors upon errors, *after* we reinstall windows and the entire accompanying bundle from the factory CD.

So, we're buying a new copy of windows, hopefully being able to find the drivers for the CD-rom and cd-rw drives, and starting again.

I'm actually most pissy because, after going through my corrupted backup files, the only ones I really care about that are screwed, are my irc logs. Ick.

It could be much worse, though. All my finished fic is either on floppy, on my website, on, or some multiple combo, and all my WIPs are on floppy. It's only my chat logs that I've lost.