I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

That Wishlist Memeoid

Its origin being here with tartanshell, and its general function being to promote the ability to make specific and/or random people happy during the holiday season. divabat has an index of the wishlists here.

1. Yin's puppy to come back to her safe and well.

2. Ridiculously huge lottery winnings. (What?)

3. World peace with no monkey's paw attached, thank you. Actually, let's just throw the monkey's paw clause on #2 as well, shall we? And no 'lose your soul if you experience true happiness' codicils either, while we're at it.

4. QAFUS season 4 on CD (The whole thing or any individual eps). *smooches miniera*

5. A vidding-quality rip of Disc 2 from the Angel Season 2 dvd set.
*smooches justhuman*

6. Anything from my Amazon.com wishlist. Used versions of anything there are also poifectly cool.

7. A complete lack of wank regarding this meme from the inevitable random person(s) whose rectum needs a stick-ectomy complaining that it's rude to post wishlists and commercialism this and BNF that and their momma raised them better. (I'm not talking about people who don't feel comfortable posting their own list, but those who always pop up at some point to comment either moralistically or archly about other people's behavior. I'm not saying they don't have the right to do so -- I'm saying that one of my holiday wishes is that they choose not to, out of the goodness of their hearts.)

8. To steal one from miggy, paid LJ or icon time for anybody on my friendslist (I have a permanent account and don't need either, myself.)

9. More links for my Buffyverse Spankoriffic Story Index :D (Note to self, add spikedluv's stories.)

10. New Spike/Xander fic in the above vein, sans overt daddy/boy play (though daddy issues are tasty, and stay crunchy in blood), would not go amiss. (That's not a restriction for the links index; just a reflection of what's likely to turn me on/off personally at the moment.)
Tags: holidays/presents, memes
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