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Well, lovely.

There is no more Viral Recs Index. I broke it. I was browsing in Netscape, viewed source to edit it, remembered that in Netscape you don't *get* to edit a viewed source because Netscape *sucks* on that score, and had to save the page in order to open it in wordpad. Only I saved it as text instead of html. And didn't realize it until I'd already pasted in the tiny edit, saved, and uploaded the new version to the website.


All gone.

Oh, the names are there, but all of the coding is gone. All of the <ol> and <li> tags, all of the hrefs, all of the invisible notes I left myself to let me know quickly which branch I was working on. *poof* What's left is a completely unformatted blodge of text. And I'm sorry, but I don't have the time, let alone the heart, to re-do it.

I'm going to go away now.

Edit -- fixed! Found a copy that I didn't know I'd saved, and was also provided with more than one backup.</b>
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