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Because I found a copy of the recs meme html file on my desktop at home, where I was almost positive I had not saved it. It's all bettyp's fault, apparently, because the thing that resulted in me having a copy that I forgot to trash, was a tiny edit I made last night, replacing bettyp with her fic-journal name, which matches up with the name she wrote Buffyfic under, in Mer's rec. *salutes bettyp*

I'd like to thank SMG (no, not that SMG) as well, who had saved the meme a few days ago when it wasn't yet too big to fit in my LJ, and e-mailed it to me tonight. Had I not found the up-to-date copy on my desktop while I was in the process of opening her copy to see how much I'd have to rebuild, I'd be working directly from the earlier one, and damn glad to have it, too.

Edit before I even had the chance to hit post: and TBQ! Who had an up-to-date copy in her cache and sent it while I was typing this post!

So this is the meme just as it was before I flarked it up (recs updated on Wednesday, I think), and I'll see about getting it current tomorrow. And I've made my original LJ entry with the link public again, so people who made links to that should have working links again.

(Just as an FYI to save people the trouble, it's not necessary to comment or e-mail to let me know when there's a new thread; I'm updating by going to each name on the list that doesn't have a thread under it, and checking their LJ to see if they've continued the meme -- so I'll catch 'em all, eventually. (At least until I finally give up, screaming, and admit that I can't keep up with it anymore.) It's just a matter of having time to do the updates.)
Tags: fic-recommendations, memes
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