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Stuff About This Journal (back-dated)

aka, phrases you might see here that aren't immediately self-explanatory


GIP: Gratuitous Icon Post -- a post made purely to show off and possibly discuss a new user-icon. (See also Gratuitous Header Post, Gratuitous Layout Post, etc.)

ETA: Edited To Add. (unless it's used in the traditional context of Estimated Time of Arrival)

Fandom-specific (as used by me; definitions vary from fan to fan):

Slash: homoerotic/homoromantic fan-fiction, either male/male or female/female, or homoerotic subtext noticed in the original source.

(I write slash fiction; I notice the slashy subtext in Shanghai Noon; Hot Fuzz is basically nothing but slash. It's also a verb: oddly, I don't slash George/Mitchell from Being Human; Mitchell reads as kind of omni-sexual but George seems ironically straight for all his fussbudget personality. Mmm, versatility!)

Original slash: is kind of an oxymoron, but it refers to gay-themed original fiction that's written by slash fanfic writers or has a slash 'sensibility.' No, please don't ask me to define that; I couldn't if you paid me, though I have a vague intuitive inkling of what's meant. My personal term for it would be 'gay romance.'

RPS/RPF: Real Person Slash/Real Person Fiction -- fictional stories about real people (usually celebrities). I don't write it (though I did roleplay it for a brief period) or read much of it, but some of my friends do. I'm not especially opposed to it, just uninterested.

RPG: Roleplaying Game. Which isn't a fandom-specific term, but it's been years since I've been in an RPG that wasn't fandom-based.

Shipper: one who enjoys, supports, writes or likes to read about a romantic relationship between particular characters

OTP: One True Pairing -- a favorite romantic relationship, sometimes to the exclusion of enjoying any others, sometimes not (See also One True Character, One True Threesome, etc.)

WIP: Work In Progress

*squee*: Incoherent exclamation of anticipation, enthusiasm, or joy

Drabble: means a short story of exactly 100 words, no more, no less -- despite the way it seems to be used synonymously with "ficlet" (a short story of no specific length) in fandom these days. I can become wanky on this topic.

Wank, wanking, wanker, wanky: fannishly, to cause or escalate arguments and flame-wars, act like an idiot, be pedantic and stubborn, stir up trouble whether intentionally or not -- in other words, to metaphorically jerk off in public.

FW: fandom_wank -- a multi-user public journal that highlights and discusses instances of fannish wank. Also some things that may not be wanky; mileage varies, and so too does the politeness of various FW users.

JF: JournalFen -- a fannish journal community built along the same lines as Livejournal; FW lives there.

DW: Doctor Who. My original and still-loved fandom, though I'm pretty much a passive viewer these days.

PR: Power Rangers. ...SHUT UP. It's a...thing.


BtVS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A:ts: Angel: the series

bitca: bitch; it's a gag-line from a BtVS episode

Buffyverse: the fictional universe shared by both BtVS and A:ts, and any spin-off storylines

Jossverse/Whedonverse: something similar but a little more fluid, as it also includes Firefly and Dollhouse. Used more often (by me, at least) as a synonym for "Joss Whedon's TV Portfolio" than to describe some fictional universe in which all of his shows could co-exist. Jossverse RPS, for instance, would be Real Person Slash written about the actors from any of Joss Whedon's tv series.

NL, Ats:NL: ats_nolimits -- a virtual fan-written sixth season for A:ts, in which I was a participating writer/helper/dogsbody

CG: Chocolatey Goodness, my first m/m slash fanfic series, started in 2000 and still unfinished; the subject of much writerly neurosis and wincing upon re-read. On indefinite hold. Feel free to talk to me/ask me things about the story; just please don't ask when it'll be updated/if I've abandoned it. The answers are "I don't know" and "...probably, yes" followed in both cases by me feeling guilty and crappy about it, so if we could avoid that, it'd be cool.

DP: Domestic Piranhas. Super-silly Spike/Xander stories co-written with zortified

Paving Stones: Super-serious Spike/Giles stories co-written with wolfling

Roleplaying Games (this isn't everything I've played in, just what you'll see me refer to most often)

WV: wes_visions_rpg or Wesvisions - a BtVS/Angel crossover game set in an AU season 6 / Season 3. I played - I know you'll be shocked - Xander. Also, Lorne.

The Alphabet Game: btvsatsrpsrpg. A Whedonverse RPS game featuring parody versions (at least that was the original intent) of the BtVS, Angel, and Firefly cast and crew, hanging out in a highly fictional Hollywood. Parts of it got more serious than others, which produced some high-quality writing but the non-parody wasn't really what I signed on for (see above re: lack of interest in RPS fiction in general) so I drifted off.

Handbasket: handbasket_rpg. A truly crack-addled game that arose out of fannish criticism for the Alphabet game and other RPS - a majority of the characters in Handbasket were parodies of other fans.
    Critic: "How would you like it if people were playing you in an online game?
    stakebait: "OH HOW AWESOME." *creates game*
    I played theboobiequeen, not_god, and virtual_asshat. (Who was a megaHAL loaded up with vocabulary from the summer's biggest Jossverse flamewars. I mentioned crack-addled, right?)

FH: fandomhigh. The one that ate my soul. A multi-fandom high school setting with a small town attached, so there's room for student, teacher, and townie characters. It's set in the present, but on an island that's a dimensional nexus, so new characters can come from any time/place/universe. They just have to be pre-existing fictional characters with a canon you can point to and say "There's how I'm supposed to be playing this guy." Wild Animals Characters I Have Known Played: Xander Harris (BtVS) , Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan (A:ts), Door of the House of Arch (Neverwhere), Francine Peters (Strangers in Paradise), Eliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady), Illyria (A:ts), Emmett Honeycutt (Queer As Folk: US), Cally (Blake's 7), Edmund Blackadder (Blackadder the Third). I also help run the place.

It's Not Netspeak Because I Say So:

WTF: what the fuck?

brb: Be Right Back

IM[H]O: in my [humble] opinion

OTOH: on the other hand

YMMV: your mileage may vary; you may not agree

IIRC: if I recall/remember correctly

AFAIK: as far as I know

STFU: shut the fuck up

Ack!: Annoyed, frustrated, worried, alarmed

Bzuh?: confused by what you just said

*facepalm*: embarrassed; I said or did something stupid

*headdesk*: frustrated (or amazed at someone's stupidity) to the point of banging one's head against the desk

asdhgjhljlk! (see also "KEYSMASH!"): pissed-off or excited to the point of slamming one's hands down on the keyboard, usually literally

OMG: oh my god

OMGWTFBBQ: oh my god, what the fuck, barbecue; the last letters and any additional are a popular meta-joke on the silliness of internet acronyms. Yes, I'm now Urban Dictionary. IDEK.

IDEK: I don't even know.

BFF: best friends forever; not so much netspeak as junior-high speak

TBQ: thebratqueen; she's not netspeak, but she sometimes plays it on TV

Local-injokes (some are just general online phrases, as well):

Your Aunt Kristie and I have been _______ for years: ask thebratqueen or lucifrix. Though possibly you don't want to, for the sake of your mental health.

Guh, bibble, I'll be in my bunk: "That was really hot." The last is a line from Firefly and implies exactly what it sounds like. Bibble can also be used to generally say "You just broke my brain" without it being in response to something sexy.

Gah: sometimes used as a synonym for guh, but usually expresses annoyance

Box?: confused by what you just said, see "bzuh?" A TBQ-ism, based on this chapter of Epiphany.

Havo the fuck dad!: Havo dad is Tolkien-elvish for "Sit down." So phrase best used thusly -- "HTFD and STFU!" Stolen from sagralisse, I believe.

OSR: "Only spelled right" -- a way (more in chat than on LJ) to say "I know I had a typo or twelve in the previous line; please believe that it was a typo and I am not an idiot"

The Good One: Me. zortified says that she is The Good One, but she lies.

The Wondertwin: maeyan (who is also The Roomie, real version, TM)
The Wyfe (fake internets version, TM): byrne
The Moose: zortified
The Brain: wolfling
The Roomie (fake internets version, TM): christinenj
The Copilot: kimera
The Lainey: shesakicker
The Dutch: halfnorn
The Roomie-In-Law: rhi_silverflame
The Clusterfuck: thatsamilkshake, thismaskiwear, bitch_prince and bigdamndestiny
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