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Of course, now I feel like every drabble I write is going to be taken as a political statement...


Wes, Connor, NoLimits-verse fanfic, set between 6.7 and 6.8. (Fanfic: didn't happen, not based on insider information, not spoilery for anything past 6.7) stakebait requested Wes, Connor, and pillows.


Connor props his feet on the counter. A balancing act, sitting on a stool, but somehow he pulls it off without falling backwards onto his head.

"So what did my -- did Angel do, when you kidnapped me?" he asks, out of nothing like the blue.

Wesley pretends to look up, pretends he wasn't watching all along, that he isn't always watching, waiting. "He tried to smother me with a pillow."

"A pillow? He came after you with a pillow? Not--" Disappointed. "--like, an axe?"

His lips twitch, slash a smile above his unmarked throat. "It was... rather a heavy pillow."
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