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1. Does anyone have a skull-opener? I had one on my keychain but it broke off, and I can't get this damn aching brain out and it's driving me nuts. I tried the hole-punch thingy that's basically just for poking pour-holes in Hi-C cans, but the effects weren't pretty.

2. Why did none of you TELL me that subtext is an anagram for buttsex? WHY? WHY? *friends mayatawi, unfriends everyone else who DIDN'T TELL ME*

3. On the plus side, one mention of still feeling tired and achey at Annual Poke-n-Prod got doc to double the dosage on my thyroid prescription. So we'll see how that goes. On the minus side, her diet advice ("You could try one of these three commercially popular diets1, all three of which you think are on crack at least as far as they relate to your own food issues," and "Oh, the walk from the parking garage to your office hurts? Well, as you walk more, you'll get used to it. Plus you're at that age where even if it hurts, you should be doing it."2) makes me want to drop-kick her, and, uncoincidentally, find a new PCP.

4. SUBTEXT. BUTTSEX. You're all fired.

1 No, I'm not going to name them, and no, I definitely don't want suggestions or testimonials. At least not at this juncture.

2 Yes, because if the walk I've been making for five years now makes my back and feet cry out in pain, it's obviously a matter of needing to get used to it. Um? Sadly I was in the car before I realized the illogic of this statement, once the combined intimidation factor of Whitecoat Syndrome and Talking About Diet And Exercise To Said Whitecoat had worn off.
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