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I have holiday cards from zortified (complete with porn!), thebratqueen (complete with dubiously-placed carrot), user, and justhuman! Thank y'all so much!

And in no way did I open the presents, JH. But maybe I peeked through the wrapping paper and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! But only maybe. Also, yes, I can rip from the PAL DVD! Though I'm still not sure if I'm ripping at the right aspect. Ah well -- I can always fix it in Premiere if it doesn't match up with other footage during vidding. *smoochest*

In every way did I open my wyfe's present, since she ordered me to, and it is a lovely handmade journal with a glittery crinkly purple ribbony cover and I loves it so much.

In other news, it looks like I suck, since a) holiday cards of the outgoing variety are very likely a no-go, given the lateness of the date and the fact that I've not found any that I like yet (though I may just send 'em anyway, regardless of lateness; if they arrive around Valentine's Day, you'll know why!), and b) wolfling's present hain't shipped yet, and looks like it won't ship until January. *kicks Amazon* But it is coming, it is it is.

I have Kahlua.
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