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Merry Eve of Winter Holiday Of Your Choice

Overwhelming Holiday Thanks:

nakedwesley sent me a copy of The Folk of the Air that does not have the last page missing. Unlike my original loved-to-pieces version. <3

journalkitten sent the collected Blackadder for me to rip borrow, and Radio Sunnydale, and a card, and OMG CATNIP MICE EAT NIBBLE GNARL DROOL sorry, cat walked over the keyboard...

justhuman sent me her own dvd of Angel S2 disc 2 so I could make a copy to repair my damaged one, plus the Spike and Dru comic autographed by James Marsters and Juliet Landau. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And something that jingles that I haven't opened yet because I'm saving at least one package for Christmas morning, dingit.

wolfling sent me Vienna Teng's Waking Hour and wesleysgirl sent Undiscovered Gems, which is a collection of indie/singer-songwriter type songs that was on my wishlist, and thebratqueen gave-ed me The Gumshoe, the Witch. and the Virtual Corpse which I've already thanked her for but I mention because I'm about halfway through it and I heartily recommend it. Near future setting, gay detective (among other interesting rotating POVs), magic works, twiney-twisty mystery.

And now, drabble.


Title: The Next One, With No Snow
Author: mpoetess
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Challenge: "The Dark of Night" (for slashthedrabble)
Setting: December 24th, 1999; between Hush and Doomed

"The hell you doing out here, Harris?"

Out here, thermos of eggnog beside his sleeping bag. Refreshing holiday treat and handy blunt instrument. He doesn't use it. Yet. "The hell do you care, Spike? I untied you; take off. Bugger. Sod. Whatever you English types do."

Instead, Spike drops down. Steals a cookie, faster than Xander can smack. "Why bother? Can't bite, can't fight."

"My heart bleeds, except not. Have the bed, then. Merry Christmas."

"Them upstairs playing Carol of the Broken Bottles all night? Not bloody likely."

"And now you know what the hell."

"...right. Pass us the nog."
Tags: fic-posted, holidays/presents, spike/xander-fic
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