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Collection of randomositude
Happy New Year, y'all.

kita0610 sent me a beautiful holiday card and... a California lottery ticket.

It's a winner. Free ticket. *giggles* So I could mail it in to claim the prize, I s'pose...

Hit Best Buy and bought maeyan a dvd r-w drive (as I'd intended all along) and a new regular dvd player (as I hadn't, but boy-howdy was it on sale) and me a new external hard drive. Third time's the charm, right? And this one didn't come from the outfit that sent me two defective ones in a row, so point in its favor already.

Tomorrow we're going to meet up with sarabi and Mr. sarabi somewhere in the wilds of Plainfield and eat food and play board games which will be much funnier at the time than when I don't remember to write it up later.

Uncle R. (should I just give in and start calling them some variation on Mad? Mad Uncless just doesn't seem to fall trippingly off the tongue) gave me a scanner for Christmas, which is to say Uncle R. said "Here is this scanner. I do not have the drivers. Why don't you take it?" and I said "I could download the drivers for you; let us go to the HP website" and the HP website said "This software is 34mb" and I said "Uncle R, you have dialup. This might take 6 hours or so. Or you could order the cd for 10 dollars." and he said, "Why don't you take this scanner?" and I said "OK."

I mention this only because somewhere I have pictures of Mr. sarabi with a waistbasket on his head and a towel around his neck pretending to be Mojo Jojo.

I am not drunk.

(No, seriously.)


2004-12-31 11:46 pm (UTC) (Link)

Sure, send it on and if the next one wins money I totally promise to run away to Mexico send it to you!