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Random quotage from an evening of Disney trivia

sarabi (referring to mr_sarabi): The things he can pull out of his ass are amazing.


maeyan: So did you know using a dildo on a holy day requires five years of penance?
mpoetess: According to who? And you read this where?
maeyan: The Catholic Church; who the hell else was around in the middle ages?
mpoetess: Uh... Jews?
sarabi (mishearing) : But choose wisely!


sarabi: Keep it on the table, dear.
mr_sarabi: She likes it on the table.
maeyan: But not on the floor!
sarabi: *falls off couch, chasing the dice in question*

sarabi: This is a Sleeping Beauty question. Who came to the dwarves to tell them that Snow White had been poisoned by the evil queen?
Everyone else: O.o Er....


mr_sarabi: What did the wicked queen promise to get Snow White to take a bite of the poisoned apple?
mpoetess: "This apple is not poisoned!"


At the beginning of game 2, game 1 having been won by mpoetess and mr_sarabi--

mr_sarabi: Which rules are we playing by this time?

maeyan and mpoetess (playing on opposing teams) in unison: The ones where we win.
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