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A Drabble For swmbo, Because I Loves She

Pairing: Snygel
Rating: R
Warning: See Icon

Someone Has Issues...

Angel sat, broad shoulders slumped, at the end of the bed. His lover rolled over to touch his arm, smooth pate gleaming in the moonlight. "Happens to everybody, you know."

"Not me! Especially not over something like this. Do you know the kinds of things... and the places I'd put them, back when I was evil?"

"But you've got a soul now. It's ok; I understand."

"It's not the soul! It's those beady little eyes. The mask. That fluffy, fluffy tail."

"Oh, god. Fluffy taillllllllll..." Snyder groaned; Angel shuddered, and from somewhere under the covers came a tiny, muffled squeak.
Tags: swmbo-torture
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