I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

Thing One: Spam Contents, How I Love Thee

"And compete with the dark side of her reactor.looking glass living with toothpick give secret financial aid to toward widow, because toward cream puff go deep sea fishing with about chess board.earring over cigar feels nagging remorse, and shadow of ruminates; however, behind bowling ball boogie.."

Thing Two: Strindberg/Helium porn.

Thing Three: swmbo is depressed! Go write raccoon porn to cheer her up!

Thing Four: *humps kita0610's Fod* If you love Kita, you'd hump Fod too.

Thing Five: I think I may've got that one wrong. Again. Pesky reading comprehension issues.
Tags: swmbo-torture
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