I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Friendslist Swappage

1. entrenous88 has more patience than me. How do you people who only show 10 entries per page do it? I want to be able to scroll back to that (theoretical) entry I saw this morning but can't remember whose it was, nownownow!

2. grammar_glamour got to see snow falling for the first time. (I, on the other hand, slept through the snowfall several states away from her, and woke up to a world that my roomie, maeyan, describes as "very Ansel Adams-esque.")

3. entrenous88 apparently likes this weird thing called "Spander" or sometimes "S/X"; many people post strange tales of it here.

4. thebratqueen is a h0r and she does not write better Coondergel than I do.

5. dodyskin really loves su_herald. Me too!

6. wesleysgirl is a cheap date. This in no way coincides with why I loves her.

7. lostgirlslair abuses illegal drugs and then says mean things about LJ when she's high. *is shocked*

8. The Whedonverse Multimedia Project works to cooordinate donations of Jossverse related stuff (books, DVDs, cds, etc.) to libraries, hospitals, shelters, and other similar organizations. Awesome.

9. Sofy can get me doughnuts! Tim Hortons is donating $500,000 (canadian) to UNICEF. Also awesome.

10. Tom Lenk (Andrew) has a Live Stage Show that I cannot see (due to the whole not being in Hollywood thing) but would desperately like to. Also, someone needs to smack the webdesigner for Bangin Banana Reviews upside the head with a 16-inch monitor set on 800x600 resolution.

11. Lots of people are really enjoying this friendswap thing.

12. There are Icicles of Doom falling off the skyscrapers in Chicago! *looks nervously at the ones in downtown Indianapolis*

13. luvxander is a Too Depressed Faerie. As I am 12, and in the middle of watching QAF-US episode 4.2, I shall giggle.

14. rubywisp needs to be spanked.

15. The Word of the day is putsch, which does not mean the same thing as putz, despite the fact that GWB is mentioned in one of the examples.

16. shadowscast has some cool things to say about the whole lick/pounce/sexuality/yaddayadda deal.

17. It's Amber Benson's birthday!

18. wyrdchaos has a joke about a nun, a priest, and a camel...

19. idyll breaks my brain/heart with believeable Gunn/Angel set in S5.

20. entrenous88 has a smaller reading list than I, for which I am devoutly grateful at this moment, because insanely sleeeeeeeepy...

Tags: memes
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