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Weirdo LJ

mpoetess *smaps* LJ. For not showing her last entry on her own page, but showing it on her friends' pages. Weirdo.

Anyway. Two things, one mundane, one fannish.

Mundane: Ron gave us his sewing machine! Er, or loaned. Not sure. In our family, it tends to be a shift question, anyway. But it means crafty things can be done. Which Jen will most likely be doing, but I might manage to slip soimething in.



(Hoping the link works. Otherwise, it's www.fandomlife.net, and it's the second article down.)

So, he talks about bad writing, and Mary-Sues, which is pretty much the equivalent of saying spreading ebola is bad, then he gets on to slash. Which gets a nice little category of its own. Slash is apparently more of a writerly sin than the equivalent het smut or romance, for reasons I'm not sure he goes into.

And the thing that *really* pisses me off?

Not that, as Mod says, he doesn't really say what's so wrong with slash (or smut), other than that we need to get lives, because apparently writing about the characters' love lives is more pathetic than developing new adventures in exactly the same style as the original text. (Which is generally known as a missing episode project -- cool, but hardly some central pillar of fanfiction.)

Nor is what bugs me the fact that he doesn't tell us what constitutes *good* fanfiction. Or, pardon me, "Unlicensed Fiction." He really doesn't. You'd say "Oh, but we're supposed to get it from context -- good fanfiction is that which doesn't contain the elements he lists." No, if that were the case, then "good fanfiction" would consist of things that aren't badly written (in a purely technical sense and pardon me while I say, duh, and for this you get a byline?) and don't fall into a list of things that don't interest Steve Darlington. He honestly doesn't say what *does* make for good fiction, or why his, in particular, doesn't suck.

No, what really burns my ass (other than a flame about 2.5 feet high) is that he's cut off any credibility other writers might have in challenging his notions. Because "fanfiction authors take themselves too seriously." So no matter how intelligent and well-founded any argument might be, it simply makes this author look right. He can say "see what I mean? It's just fanfiction, and you're all delusional idiots who take this far too seriously." It gives him the ultimate license to spout any sort of crap he wants, which indeed anyone has, and have the last word every time because rebuttal merely proves his point.

I may have a more delusional intelligent rant on this later. Right now, it's late, and I want to crawl into bed. Alone. Which is undoubtedly why I write slash. Perhaps tomorrow I'll go through CG with a search and replace utility, change their names to Bob and Ray, sell it to Playboy, and use the money to buy myself some real sex. At least, I think that's what Steve Darlington is suggesting I do.

Sounds fun.
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