I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch


The Maglet sent me kitties! On paper! They are going on my wall at work for all to see!

Also there were some things from Magpie in the box, I think.


(I kid because I love, and also because the Maglet is adorable. mogigraphia's Christmas box arrived, and it was filled with great goodness, such as: a handmade rainbow-coloured kitty scarf. The PLAY (Think Playmobil, Yanks) Xander from the first-season set. He has a tiny skateboard! His head turns round for cool Xander or scared Xander! He has a black leather jacket! And a stake! And a backpack! And his face actually looks like Xander. And there was handmade spice-scented soap which smells so good that I am going to go use it shortly, when I rinse the make-me-a-redhead-again gunk out of my hair. And CDs! And new shoes! No, wait, I bought those today.

I love it, Magpie; I'm glad it didn't get posted earlier, because now it's like a completely unexpected January surprise!)

ETA: Yes, as opposed to those expected January surprises. Shut up, you. Yes, you. I'm looking right. at. you.
Tags: holidays/presents
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