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Notes from the void

Like Punxsutawney Phil, (except two days early) I emerge from the cave of working on NoLimits stuff to say... hey, what's that big round orange thing in the sky?

Have updated wolfling's site with umpteen drabbles, ficlets and stories, and all 31 chapters of Unity thus far.

I should vid, but I don't know what, yet. I want it should be slashy so it can be shown at ConneXions, but my biggest vidbunnies atm are actually het, or they're slashy but sort of cheap comedy, that could go to ConneXions on the slash ticket, but wouldn't be worthy of the nearly new show at Vividcon. Yes, I'm vidding based on potential audience now and probably shouldn't, as sisabet pointed out recently, but I'm so bloody slow at it that it seems as if I don't keep in mind where a vid could possibly be shown when choosing to make it, I won't have anything to show at all.

I should clean my house office desk, but I think about that and all of a sudden sleep seems so much more attractive.

I should write something of my own, but see previous line. I've been reading more S/X fic than ever, and as always am plagued by the desire to have written some in the last hundred years lest I fade (further) into the woodwork and because I miss them, but lack the accompanying gusto for actually writing anything. Plus I wonder deeply if I can even write them in a convincing manner anymore, for longer than the span of a drabble. If there are any ideas for them in my head that haven't already been done as well or better by someone else, or aren't too cliched or out of character to work. If in fact I'm screwed for writing my OTP -- probably my best quality work (albeit the least quantity) ever has been in the last two years when I've been writing ficathon pairings that aren't S/X.

I've been staring at what writing I *have* been doing (bar Domestic Piranhas, which proceeds apace after a long hiatus, a fact that greatly pleases me -- but I blame that half on James and half on the fact that those guys are ours and we can do as we like with them, because either you buy into the DP characterization and continuity for the fun of it, or you don't) and feeling as if it's coming out at 'See Spot run' level, where just getting someone to walk across the room is an exercise in repetitive, wooden description.

Can it be April now?

I can't decide if I'm mopey or just bored; if it's the latter, it's that sort of bored where you do have a huge list of things you could do, but the idea of starting any one of those projects makes your eyes film over with exhaustion.

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