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I have pants!

Also other clothing. But pants are important. 2 pair! They arrived in a package with seven new shirts and new unmentionables which I am nonetheless mentioning, and afaik everything fits. (I admit to not trying on the second pair of pants, but they're a larger size than the first pair which I'm currently wearing, so I don't foresee an issue, unless they somehow turn out to be too big which...er. Doesn't happen. Not in my world. Not with pants, anyway.)

Though I do have to remember that MP, hon, you have no boobage to speak of. This means that V-neck shirts, of which you ordered six, either plunge straight down on you or fall off your shoulders, so you have to constantly play the game of can you see my bra at the bottom of the neckline, or are the straps showing? Obviously, need new bra. Or three. Possibly also new boobs. *eyes TBQ's*

Also have new DVD drive, since the one that came with my PC was packing in and constantly sticking and skipping even with brand new dvds, and I wanted a DVD-RW anyway. So scored one for 99$ at Best Buy, and burned my very first video DVD last night. And this morning. Because it took Nine. Freaking. Hours. to burn an hourlong or so dvd (of Wolf, Magpie, Wesleysgirl, and my vids from last year, just as a test run). But it works, though I do need dvd-authoring software that's not Nero Burning Grandma's Family Album, because the version that came with the drive allows very little flexibilty/customizing of the dvd menus. This means if I manage to get a vid done in time for ConneXions (the deadline being March 3, and my current progress being... have vastly clipped the soundfile and then deeply pondered doing a different vid entirely), I'll be able to submit it on DVD.

Have handmade Valentine from wesleysgirl and son!

maeyan and I took my mom out for Valentine's Day, and bought various exciting things (hair scrunchies! candles! contact cement! a sewing kit! news at eleven!) at the Dollar General that we drove 60 miles to get to despite the fact that there's one probably ten minutes from here. But the 60-mile one was the nearest one to Mom, because she lives in West Podunkia, Indiana. Had lunch-dinner at the Sunrise Family Restaurant, which has horrible potholes in the parking lot, good breaded mushrooms, and bad spaghetti. They suffer from "didn't drain the fucking water out of the pasta" syndrome, for one, which means half the sauce in the dish was water from the spaghetti. The other half was a very bland sauce of the "It's not really spaghetti sauce, it's just tomato puree" variety, which didn't improve matters, and the spaghetti itself was way overcooked, almost mushy. All in all... they had good breaded mushrooms. Am still pleasantly stuffed, though it was hours and hours ago.

Driving Mom back from the town of Slightly Bigger Than West Podunkia, where the Dollar Store and bad spaghetti live, to her home in West Podunkia, we passed a mailbox with a female blow-up doll attached to it. I'm not sure if she was supposed to be trying to crawl out of it, or trying to stuff herself in to escape from her owner, but either way I suspect someone had a bachelor party last night.

Friendslist is at skip=200. Wahhh. I will read it, but god, not tonight. *zonk*

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