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*pokes world*

Am still here. *waves at sarabi*

Just really, really tired.

maeyan found a way to disable the ObnoxiousBastardFromHell dialer screen from our ISP, which worked in a pre-sized IE window, spammed you with ads for their other services, made re-dialing a chore and a half because it used up too much memory trying to reload itself and thus what should've taken milliseconds took. Um. Seconds, at least. And worst of all, it prevented auto-redialing, so if you left something downloading and went to bed, chances are you'd check in the morning to find that you'd got disconnected half an hour later, and had a whole 5mb downloaded.

Not so anymore, for maeyan stole from her mum a local dialup number that for some reason works even without the dialer. (They'd disabled that possibility for all the numbers we knew of, when they came out with the dialer software) So now I have {rapture} auto-redial. And no dialer software taking up space in my toolbar (the bastich doesn't even have a "minimize to system tray" function, and you have to keep it open if you want to stay connected).

So anyway, when last we left Naughty Filesharing System That I Of Course Don't Use, it was trying to download Ep. 1x1 of Dead Like Me. Here's hoping it actually managed to find a constant source.

Really, really tired.

I'd do the 'ask me any one question about my writing' meme thing, but I'm at a loss to think of anything people would want to know, considering I don't think I've even written anything solo since the previous mutation of this meme went around. Feel free to ask, if anyone's been inexplicably dying to, though.

However, I'm up for the "ask for a screenshot/paste of anything on my (home) computer" one. Barring chatlogs and private e-mails, etc. That could be interesting.
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