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Ohhhhgod. So bored so bored so bored so tired so bored. Went to bed at 8-ish last night for a 'nap' that turned into sleeping until 5 am. Still tired, or possibly tired again. Was going to vid, but see above re: nap that turned into powersleep. The vid in question is...ack. She said, flailing. 1/3 finished, maybe, and due in to slashmommy & company for Connexions by the 3rd. I say again ack. Especially if I have to mail it, which I think I might, though there may be the option of uploading it; not sure. All of which is a moot point if I don't sit down and get it finished.

It's very silly, though, and I think I have that hanging over my head every time I contemplate it. Not silly in the way of Ballad of Rock Ridge, which had all sorts of great footage available, and I really had the time and plan in mind to go for extended comedy.Silly in the way of wow, this is shallow, single-layered, and has maybe one decent gag in it.

Extra-flaily at the moment because I can't actually get to it and work on it right now, so all I can do is be twitchy and self-critical. This too shall pass.


2005-02-24 10:03 am (UTC) (Link)

You? Be self-critical? No!


2005-02-24 12:30 pm (UTC) (Link)