I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch


for I am doomed never to eat Campbell's pizza-flavored soup. (Which has mini spaghettio noodle things in it.) The first time I tried, it exploded in the microwave, blowing the plastic lid off and knocking the can over, spilling an entire 10 oz. of soup into the oven. This time I wuz smart and cooked it with the lid off... and made it all the way upstairs with the can in one hand and my dinner in the other, before a stumble in the middle of the office floor made burning hot soup splash all over my right hand. Then came the instinctive droppage of the can itself, and, well. Clam chowder for me, and a carpet with soup stains I'll have to clean up tomorrow, since I didn't bring enough paper towelage up the first time.

On the plus side, liberal and quick application of freezing cold water means my hand has stopped hurting and doesn't look like it will blister. Also, clam chowder was good, as was Touch of Pink. It had a Giles! A young, adorable, blondish-reddish Giles. (The character's name, not someone who looks like ASH.) Kyle MacLachlan's Cary Grant impression got on my nerves something awful, but the boys were sweet, and the main character's mother was wonderful.

Bed now.

Where I devoutly hope it does not get as cold as it did last night, when with one blanket and a pillow insulating the window, and me hiding under two more blankets, I was still so cold that I dreamed about wrapping up in more blankets. There is the possibility that it wasn't so much nuclear winter as me having a mild flu with attached chills, but at least some of that cold was pure objective icicles in the air. Brr.
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