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Seekrit Fandom Shames

Because Kita said I had to, and if Kita said I had to jump off a bridge.... well, ok, I'd laugh a lot and then goose her. But anyway.

Do I have any fandom shames that are actually sekrit?

1. I will read... almost any m/m slash that has spanking in it. No matter how bad. I'm pickier about het and f/f, and I certainly won't rec every slash piece I read, but yeah. I'll read it, or at least skim to the money shot. That includes the Dreaded Domestic Discipline, where it's not so much part of a sex scene, or only semi-sexual.

2. I have used 'whelp.' (Once.) Also, chocolate eyes. (Undoubtedly more than once.) Also, 'the younger/taller/other man.' Also, Angelus (but not Angel) speaking Gaelic. Also... winking asshole. *hides from Kita* I'd been under the impression for years that my sekrit shame was having used 'rosebud' but in fact upon looking it up, it was the other.

3. I echo swmbo in saying: Daddy Issues. Daddy kink, of the open Daddy/boy play, with the words, and the pretending to be a child, tends to squick more than appeal (which short-circuits my brain when there's spanking in combination with that, because is it hot? Am I squicked? Is it hot? Am I squicked?) because when they get that far into the role, I feel like I'm usually not reading about the characters any longer, but rather the personas they're playing, who are characters I neither know nor care about. But Daddy issues? Want to be like/don't want to be like my father figure? Want my father figure? Characters starting to play the daddy/boy games and being alternately disturbed and turned on by it? One character acting like a parent to another, esp. if they're lovers, with all the natural messy emotional issues that might bring up? Bring it on.

4. Except, despite my severe pickiness when it comes to human!AU's, and the need for a grammar/spelling beta, and the Daddy/er...well, girl, play... I am loving that Angel/Spike AU. With Spike, the absolute prima donna drag queen. Yeah, that one. I... don't understand either. Well, I do, actually, but only on a button-pushing level, not so much why it pushes the buttons so strongly that my usual anti-buttons don't overbalance it.

5. I am totally one of those Spikefen. I just don't let myself act on it!

ETA 6. Most good fic, especially series, especially in my pairing, makes me hideously jealous that I didn't write it. I have avoided reading various longish completed stories for this reason: to minimize my petty covetousness.
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