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Very Funny, God

Seriously. Yuk it up, O Deity.

Long, long ago in a galaxy far far away, or possibly a fortnight ago, I said If I had lots of extra money, I'd get two new pair of glasses, one with the full prescription in the right eye, and one plain like I usually get, for comparison purposes. But I don't, and I'd hate to buy only a prescription lens and then find out that no, they really do still give me headaches.

They really do still give me headaches. Granted I probably had an incipient one already, and I only wore them for an hour or so.

Driving home.

After dark.

In the rain.

Also, they make my right eye look bigger than my left! Because I need to look weirder than I already do?

So the plain lens that I ordered should be in sometime next week, possibly before I have to leave for ConneXions, and I get to hang onto the frames with the 'correct' prescription, until then. At which point I assume they will take the Ebil 2-inch Thick Astigmatic Lens Of Doooooom away from me and ship it back to the Sekrit lab for later thrustage on some other poor unsuspecting sucker who orders frames in my size, or smaller.

Until then, I play. Wow, this depth perception thing is kinda nifty. For about three minutes at a time. As long as there is no actual movement involved, because then there is the nausea. And at night, the ice weasels come.


In other news, Leonard Nimoy took beautiful pictures of beautiful fat chicks and I badly want to icon one of them (in fact have done so, just not uploaded) but am guilted by his straightforward copyright statement, so instead, hand-drawn fat me salutes lovely fat them.
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