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Did Things

Did, I did.

I took out all the trash, and put the Christmas trees and decorations in the basement. Looked at the backyard and thought about doing yardwork.

Laughed heartily.

Bought grocery-like substances this morning. Er. This morning at 2:00 p.m. But soon after I woke up, is the point.

Redesigned S/X & Violence. It looks all... arial-y now. Actually, it looks kinda like an LJ page.



Okay, brought to my attention that black text on blue backround isn't precisely easy reading for some people (my own colorblindness is in the red/brown zone, so I never think of problems with blue.) Problem is, I have a limited colour palette to work from if I want to keep it all coordinated with the logo picture.

So -- the index page has Spikehair-blond (TM) for its content-background and the sidebar headers, and a stormy blue for links. All of the other pages have my original redesign setup, which is the stormy blue as the background, still with the blond sidebar headers, and ice blue for links.

Preferences? Suggestions?

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