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Best Review of 'Underneath' Evarrrrr:

dovil sez:

And Hamilton comes along and Angel's all 'Ohhh, doesn't he just look fab!' and Spike's all narrowed eyes and lips shriveled in annoyance and he places his hands on his hips and thrusts his groin out as if to say 'Yes, you may have an Armani suit, you may be approximately three times the size that I am and the best that I could do is worry your knees, but I thrust my groin at you for I am amazingly well endowed for a man of slender size and slightly below average height and I have more than enough to keep my Pookie happy, now flee, you smooth talking well dressed over sized man, flee from my groin as it repels you from my man. My Angel man.'
Tags: fandom: btvs/angel, funny
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