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Happy Sigh
I have Doctor Who. New Doctor Who. That was really broadcasted on the really real telly. Not, you know, my really real telly, but it's not like we'uns in the Colonies ever did get the eps new. And by new I mean "within a year of having first been broadcast."

*pets The Internets*

*burns to DVD for the bringing along to ConneXions*

(Doctor Who. Not the Internets. The Internets are too big to fit on one DVD. I think it would take at least 3.)

Also, Puppet Spike and I shall be pretty much incommunicado (Unless you're weird enough to have my cell number. Or feel like texting me, but I'm unlikely to have the chance to answer.) from tomorrow through next Monday, for lo, to Baltimore we go*


2005-04-07 03:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

Oh, I loved Tom B. I loved pretty much all of them except Hartnell and Troughton (and I didn't hate them, I was just lukewarm) and at times Colin B, whose Doctor alternately pleased and irritated me. Davison and McCoy probably tie for my favorites, but FourDoc is close behind.

I'm just specifically liking that Eccleston is playing a Doc who can be bouncy and insane, yet still seems to have a solid connection to reality and current culture -- a la his commentary on reading the tabloid of "Oh that'll never work; he's gay and she's an alien."


2005-04-07 05:25 pm (UTC) (Link)

Yes, some commentator said it was rather like BtVS in that sense.