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Proof that I am The Good One
I made a phone post when I was 50 miles away from home and bored out of my skull, where I played half a verse and an entire chorus of Making Love Out Of Nothing At All into the phone. And then I deleted it.

I am home, and you are not. Except I guess you are, if you're reading this. Unless you're at work, but none of you would read LJ at work, because I wouldn't associate with such riffraff.

I won the pool. The fact that I won because nobody else guessed, and in fact neither did I but I at least voiced the concept so I win because I'm the Good One and I said so, is Neither Here Nor There.

There will be vids and pictures at some point, and I will be reading my entire non-filtered friendslist for the last 6 days when hell freezes over so if there was anything I desperately needed to see and/or respond to, please to be linking me, but for now there is this. Taken (at the suggestion of Puppet Angel) especially for kita0610, we call it

Little One

Re: since hell hasn't frozen over


2005-04-07 03:52 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hee! You were on my "you may not skip these people even if you've been gone for 6 days" filter, so saw. I just hadn't got round to reading it through at the time, because I was trying to be good-ish and respond to comments first.